Penned brings the traditional but lost art form back on-demand.

Professional personalised handwritten letters service.

UK's best handwritten letter service. Personalised communication through genuine connections using handwriting robotics.


Manage & View Campaigns from your dashboard

Real message templates

Choose your style and see exactly what will be written. Manage multiple templates for each campaign.

Recipient Tracker

Upload and monitor the letters being sent to your recipients in real time.

Handwritten Letter Service

We're UK's best and highest quality handwritten letter service. Able to cater to every need and on-demand. You type and we write.

Wax Seals

We offer beautiful wax seals for the extra touch. Wax seals can be customised with the letter of your choosing, or pay for a custom designed wax seal.  Choose your colour, seal and we'll do the rest! 

QR Codes

QR Codes is an easy and simple way to incorporate a tracking, booking or 'learn more' link into your campaigns if needed. 

Penned, UK's leading handwritten letter service, uses the latest advanced handwriting robotics to enable scalable handwritten outreach. Penned uses real handwriting fonts and real pens to deliver your personalised message. How your message should be delivered. Welcome to the growing tradition in modern marketing with the simple method of written letters.
Create a campaign
A campaign is the type of marketing outreach you'd like Penned to complete for you. The campaign will hold all your letter templates, recipient and tracking details.
Design your stationery
Upload your design template or let us help you. Each campaign will have a specific design such as an A4 letterhead, A6 greeting card or a flat A6 note. We can help or provide templates to assist your design team.
Write your message
This is the critical part! Every message is personalised - truly personalised. In our dashboard you're able to write your custom message using the personalised variables. You'll choose your handwriting style, pen colour and size.
Import recipients
Depending on your campaign, such as on-demand (continuous) or one-off campaigns. We will need to receive your recipient data. Either use Zapier for automatic import, send us an encrypt sheet or upload to our dashboard.
Get Started
Watch the results
Once you have completed your campaign design and letter template. We will send your letters out! Watch the results and impact of beautifully written personalised letters.
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handWritten letter service for outreach that's affordable

Price by design and scale

Reach out to learn more about our pricing for your campaign using our handwritten letter service.

Sample Pack

Fill in the form below and we’ll send you a sample pack showcasing our beautifully crafted A4, A6 Greeting Card and A6 note.