Penned brings the traditional but lost art form back on-demand.

Enhance TrustPilot Ratings with Personalised Handwritten Notes from Penned.

Discover how Penned's personalised handwritten notes can significantly boost your TrustPilot reviews and customer satisfaction. Learn to integrate heartfelt, authentic communications into your customer journey.

Enhance TrustPilot Ratings with Personalised Handwritten Notes from Penned

TrustPilot Improvement Strategy

In today’s digital age, customer feedback and reviews influence nearly every aspect of business—from evaluating Amazon purchases to rating services and detailing customer service experiences. Platforms like TrustPilot and Feefo have become essential for businesses to gather feedback from verified customers post-purchase or service usage.

You might be wondering, how can sending handwritten letters or cards enhance your TrustPilot or Feefo feedback? At Penned, we have integrated our handwriting letter service seamlessly into the customer journey, proving that each thoughtful note—costing less than a cup of coffee—can make a significant impact.

The Power of Surprise & Delight in Customer Experience

Surprise & Delight Marketing

Create standout moments that make your customers go ‘WOW’. This marketing approach involves going above and beyond the expected, showing customers their value to your business through memorable, personal gestures.

Wowing a customer is about going above and beyond. Showing them the value that they bring to your business – doing the unexpected. A customer experience approach of doing something memorable, and these gestures are always surprising to the customer and always personal.


How Can Handwritten Notes Elevate Your Customer’s Experience?


A Welcomed Surprise

Nearly every company sends a welcome email after a purchase. But imagine if you could make a more significant impact at various stages of the customer journey, making each interaction uniquely personal.

Customer Journey Stages
  1. Awareness: Potential customers discover your product. They contemplate its benefits and where to buy it.
  2. Consideration: Interaction may occur via phone, online chat, or automatically, such as through a lead form.
  3. Purchase: The crucial stage where they decide to buy your product or service.
  4. Retention: As highlighted by Qualtrics, the post-sale phase is vital for cultivating loyal customers who return repeatedly.
  5. Advocacy: Satisfied customers become advocates, sharing their positive experiences and enhancing your reputation.
Credit: Qualtrics.

Practical Application: Using Handwritten Notes to Increase TrustPilot Ratings

Imagine, if you could make an impact, WOW them, or ‘surprise and delight’ at a key stage throughout your journey that is truly personal.

After a purchase, the customer details are imported into your CRM, such as HubSpot or Salesforce. Here’s how Penned fits into this process:

  1. Campaign Creation: Set up a continuous ‘Welcome Customers‘ campaign in Penned’s dashboard.
  2. Design: Choose an appealing design for an A6 note, which can be easily uploaded and assigned to your campaign.
  3. Personalised Messaging: Customise messages with variables like customer names, birthdays, or even the sales representative’s name.
  4. Recipient Upload: Add recipients manually, via CSV, or through automated processes like email parsing or API integration.
A6 Note Example for Handwritten Cards by Penned>
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					Dear [Customer's Name],

Welcome to Acme SaaS! We're thrilled to have you
with us and are excited to support you.

It was a pleasure speaking with you this past
[DayOfSignUp]. I'm glad we had the chance to discuss 
how Acme SaaS can meet your needs. My door is always
open for any questions or further assistance 
you might require as you explore our services.

I'm here to ensure your experience with us is smooth.
Best Regards,

[Agent's Name]
Handwritten Mockup for Penned Handwritten Letter Service>
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Incorporating a Workflow


1. Lead converts from opportunity to customer.

2. A workflow triggers sending their details to a list called ‘Penned – Welcome Customers’.

3. Penned receives the contact details and sends a handwritten note, creating a memorable welcome experience.


By timing the delivery of the handwritten note to arrive just before they receive a review request, you ensure that their latest interaction with your brand is positive and personal, significantly increasing the likelihood of a favourable review.

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