Is there a minimum order?

We normally ask for a minimum order of 25 cards or letters, but can accommodate for continuous campaigns which enable you to drip recipients over a period of time. All we need to do is to ensure your design, message and payment details are stored.

Does your price include postage?

Yes! Of course. We provide the highest quality as the most affordable price in the industry.

All our orders include postage.

What type of postage does Penned use?

When posting in the United Kingdom we use standard 2nd class mail.

If you would like to send them 1st class, signed, or tracked just ask! We'll charge only the cost price difference.

Does Penned post internationally?


We have posted all around the world. No city or country is off limits.

We don't charge 'administration' for extra locations. We charge the Royal Mail cost price difference based on weight for your location.

Once we know the locations we can provide an accurate quote.

Can you include gifts?

Of course!
We can source gifts for your or we can receive your gifts from you to include.

The price per letter/card will vary on the weight and size of the gift to be included.

What does continuous campaign mean?

A continuous campaign is where you may want to send letters on-demand based on future dates.

For example you may want to send a letter thanking your customer for the previous years use of your product, 21 days prior to their renewal date. 

How does a continuous campaign work?

Once your campaign is set up. We can work with you on how to receive future recipient orders.

You can:

  1. Manually add them for immediate posting in our dashboard
  2. Upload a CSV with future post dates
  3. Use Zapier to trigger recipient uploads based on your CRM workflows.
  4. Send an email to our email parser for upload.

Can I send recipients ad-hoc?

Absolutely, once your campaign is set-up and live. You can send recipients as ad-hoc as you like!  

Can you send them to me and I’ll post them on?

We do a offer bulk writing service. We can write personalised cards or generic cards/letters and send them to you for distribution.

We would custom quote to ensure postage is removed.

How personalised can you be?

As personalised as you would like!

It could be a standard template with just the recipients name, to every letter is unique for your recipient.

You tell us!

How fast can you get a letter written and posted?

Once your design is approved and payment details are set up we can print, write and send a letter within 48 hours.

Sample Pack

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